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My Customer Reviews

Testimonials From Some Of My Patients

Alan Hopkins

I visited Stephen to see if he could help me with my anxiety problems, which were affecting my work and home life.

Stephen is easy to talk to and we got on well, he Vega tested me and found I had high levels of metals in my body. I.e. lead, aluminium and mercury.

Stephen gave me a program of heavy metal detox and a diet change plus liver and kidney flushing drinks. All the metals in my body cause a feeling of anxiety which gets worse the longer you leave things.

I started to feel better almost immediately after carrying out Stephens detox regime, after acupuncture and the removal of my amalgam fillings which Stephen recommended, and was a great success I feel more like my old self and now have my life back thanks to Stephen.

I cant recommend him highly enough to anyone who is after a genuinely helpful person to guide them through there problems.

I have personal experience, and knowledge of other people who have consulted Stephen and all have had positive results for their varied ailments.

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