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Kosmed and Rife Therapy

Kosmed and Rife Therapy

What is the Kosmed Treatment System?

The Kosmed Treatment System, "Kosmed" for short, represents a breakthrough approach to stimulating, non-invasively, the human body into self-healing. It represents the culmination of over100 years of research into using electricity in the healing function.

At the heart of the System is a small device that looks like a TV remote control unit, but with fewer buttons and a small digital read-out screen on one side, and 2 small metal contact plates on the other. The device is powered by a 9V battery and emits a series of variable sounds during a treatment session. The sounds are signals to the Kosmed Practitioner.

The Practitioner brings the device in contact with the Patient's skin in accordance with certain protocols. These contacts generate a series of numbers that show up on the small screen and are recorded. The numbers in turn help the Practitioner select and apply a treatment pattern uniquely appropriate to the Patient's current treatment requirements. 124 different treatment patterns have so far been developed; their effective application requires considerable training and expertise.

What is Rife Therapy?

Rife treatment was invented by Royal Raymond Rife almost 100 years ago. Rife therapy consists of ultra-sound frequencies carried into the body by radio waves and/or electro-magnetic frequency waves. Specific wavelengths have been found, experiimentally, that target and kill pathogenic micro-organisms and other frequencies promote improved cellular function. In this way Rife therapy can helpwith infections and improve organ and body/system functions.

In my clinic I use aBCX ULTRA signal generator – a small box of electronics that creates ultra-sound frequencies that are output from the machine, carried by radio waves into the body, via hand-held wands that are the modern version of the ray tubes originally used by the inventor.

I also use foot-plates that emit the same ultra-sound frequencies and these are carried by electro-magnetic frequencies. Radio waves penetrate the body rather better than electro-magnetic waves but both are effective. The machine cycles through specific frequencies which cause pathogens to resonate, vibrate, and then shatter/dissolve in the same way that opera singers can shatter glass by attaining and sustaining the correct note (wave frequency).

How effective is the treatment?

The effects of treatment are fast, intense and long lasting. Treatments not only tackle the presenting symptoms, they assist in improving the body state in general. A common "side-effect" of a specific treatment is that it may impact positively on other disorders, often either not previously diagnosed or yet apparent. There are few contra-indications, one such being heart pacemakers. 20 years of application of the System in Russia have revealed no complications or negative side effects.

How effective is treatment?

 I often combine the detoxifying frequencies of rife therapy with herbal and nutritional supplements to cleanse and detoxify a body from heavy metals, such as mercury (from dentistry) or cadmium or lead ororganophosphates (common environmental toxins). The Rife Machine has been avery useful adjunct to my other therapies and skills.

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