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Herbal Medicine and Natural Healing

What is Natural Healing

Our health is governed, absolutely, by five principles:

  1. Intake - what goes into our body.

  2. Output - what comes out of our body.

  3. Movement - movement of the whole body.

  4. Circulation - circulation of body fluids.

  5. Mental Attitude - our thoughts and emotions influence our health.

What happens when we are ill?

If we are ill in any way, it means that our body's ability to heal is impaired or inhibited and in order to become well again we must adjust these five principles so that the healing is able to take place. An example may make this clear: if there is a build-up of fluids within the body leading, perhaps, to: raised blood pressure, swollen ankles or gout, amongst a host of other possible symptoms, this would suggest some dysfunction of the kidney in processing and eliminating fluids. Improving kidney function will increase urinary 'OUTPUT' which will, in turn, bring about an improvement in the above symptoms

What problems can natural healing resolve?

 A Natural Healing way to improve kidney function is to increase water intake (bottled or filtered to the recommended minimum of 2 litres per day). An appropriate herbal remedy of fennel seed or dandelion root would also be helpful. nother example: for insomnia, the Natural Healing principles (INTAKE) are: reduce/cut out stimulants such as tea, coffee, coca-cola, sugar, aspartame and take sedative teas such as camomile, valerian, or hops.

How does our mental health and attitude affect our healing ability?

Also (MENTAL ATTITUDE) introduce meditations and relaxation exercises and avoid adrenalin-stimulating music/movies. Of course, some health complaints are more serious and more complicated, and then The Natural Healing Principles need to be combined with Herbal Medicines. This is where the skill of the medical herbalist becomes necessary, choosing the correct herbs, the correct dosages and frequency, herbal formulas that work well together as opposed to those that don't and of course, including the appropriate Natural Healing Regimes.

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