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Corporate Acupuncture

Develop a Workplace Wellness Plan.

As an employer you provide your workers with everything they need to be successful in their work environment: a breakroom, promotion opportunities, training and the best technology. We are more aware than ever before of the importance of our wellbeing and mental health. What else can you do to support your employees'?

Companies both large and small are developing their own wellness programs for their employee's offering not only acupuncture but other alternative therapies too. Most therapies can be performed on-site or at our clinic. The addition of such a program would give your employee's access to this highly beneficial treatment and keep your workers motivated, relaxed while maintaining their passion for what they do.

I, Stephen MacAllan can create a healthier, happier workforce and boost morale throughout the workplace using holistic healthcare.

Employer Benefits

  • Promotes workplace satisfaction

  • Productivity Increase

  • Decreases sick days through preventative measures and optimization of patient health

  • Super effective in treating factors that decreases productivity such as stress, fatique and chronic pain

  • Reduces Short term and long term disability payments

  • Adjusts your coporate culture which promotes health and wellbeing

  • Strengthens company profile as wellness oriented and progressive

Employee Benefits

  • Effectively treats acute and chronic conditions 

  • Reduced back, shoulder, neck tension 

  • Treatment and prevention of repetitive strain injuries

  • Less frequent/diminished headaches

  • Reduced eye strain

  • Decreased mid-day energy crashes

  • Improves energy, creativity, concentration, focus, motivation and communication skills

  • Cultivates leadership and teamwork

  • Improves strength and flexibility

  • Improves overall health and prevents illness, supercharges the immune system

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, fatigue, pain or other chronic conditions

  • More quality/restful sleep 

  • The ability to feel amazing during their workday from hands-on treatments

  • Convenience of being able to take care of their health

  • Services are more affordable than what a patient may pay in a clinical visit. Easily accessible 

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